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comparison aluminium & other conventional pipe

Aluminum Push-In Piping Systems

  • Compressed Air Aluminum Piping System is a new concept which is basically using Push In fittings to join aluminum pipe.
  • It takes a very limited amount of time and no tools are required for the same.
  • It can be used for pressures up to 70 bar and because of the fact that all fittings and pipes are made in aluminum there is a good durability of the system and the air system remains corrosion free and leakage free for years.
  • Since welding is not required, it allowssmooth flow of fluid inside the fluid.
  • Owing to the beautiful system design, it becomes very easy to re-open and again assemble the fittings from the pipe so mobility is increased and it becomes very easy to dismantle an entire pneumatic system and relocate it or modify it as per the user's requirements.

Aluminium PipingBenefits of Aluminium Piping & Fittings over PPCH Piping PPCH Piping

Aluminium Piping V/S PPCH Piping
No heavy duty tools or equipment required on site just pipe cutter and driling machine. simply cut pipe square & push into fittings Tools Heavy duty equipment required on site to fusion weld every joint. Also need electrical supply
Thermal Expansion & contraction in the aluminium piping system is very less compare to any plastic pipes. Temperature & Resilience PPR Pipe is rigid and brittle. very high chance of failure at high temperatures / pressures due to high thermal expansion & contraction.
Instant leak free connection made when pipe pushed into fitting. No deburring, no waiting for the cement to dry. Simple 'plug & play' system. Speed After pushing pipe into fitting, the joint has to be made with specialized machine on site to weld the plastics together.
In case of mistake fittings is simply disconnected and reused with the right connection. Wastage Once joint is made, any mistakes require pipe to be cut and both fittings & pipe cannot be reused - wastage is often very high with PP-R jobs.
Smooth glass like inner surface - minimal frictional loss. Frictional Loss PP-R pipes generally have a rough inner surface.
Actual cost comparisons made on completed projects have shown that Aluminium Piping can often be cheaper due to less wastage, less failure costs etc. Final Cost PP-R appears cheaper on paper in a bill of materials comparison but often costs more due to wastage & especially costs of repairing failed joints.
Once Aluminium System is pressure tested & has no leaks, the installation is complete & leaks free. Failure PP-R systems can leak after installation if the welding has not been good. This is not always detectable on site.
Simple three step process - cut pipe, place & push into fitting - no special skills required. Skill User must learn the how to make sure the joint has been properly achieved. once jointed, no guarantee of no leakage unless pressure tested.
Aluminium Piping is truly demountable and can be disconnected instantly for refurbishment or additions. Maintenance Non sympathetic to any maintenance.

Comparison between Aluminium and other conventional Pipe.

Aluminium PipingGI & MS Piping
Light Weight and Modular. Hence Requires no heavy support and No skilled labours Heavy and requires heavy supports. Also skilled labours (welders, fitters) are required.
Less Production down time as the system is modular (push to connect). Production down time is more for additional work as there is a lot of welding work required.
The ID pipe is specially treated and hence does not react with water to form scaling and in turn gives laminar flow and no friction losses. After a period of time the ID id pipe get corroded due to water and in turn gives turbulent flow which increase friction losses.
Leakage free for 10 years warranty. The Joining of pipe is by welding. If not done properly will results in small leakages which will add to compressor working and maintenance